Using the tools of Enterprise Europe Network for effective search of partners in the EU

Seminar on effective search for partners in the EU will be held in Yaroslavl

Regional Integration Center-Yaroslavl Region (RIC) and the Fund for Support of Small and Medium Enterprises welcomes representatives of export-oriented small and medium enterprises to take part in the seminar "Using the tools of Enterprise Europe Network for effective search of partners in the EU"

The participants will discuss opportunities for the Russian companies entering international markets and instruments of transfer and commercialization of technologies and business ideas.

The event will take place on September 19, 2016, 13.00 at the address: Yaroslavl, Sovetskaya str, 69, 2nd floor, Training Center "Specialist". The seminar speaker - Dmitri Petryaev, Head of the international department of the ITC Union, Russia, expert of the European Enterprise Network - Head of the working group on working with profiles, expressions of interest and partnership agreements EEN-Russia, a member of the EU working group on internationalization

The seminar program includes:

  • Instruments of international cooperation  for Regional integration centers (RIC support, Enterprise Europe Network, the information and communication system, EU business opportunities database, calendar of events, Economic Cooperation Department (DES)of  Ministry of Foreign Affairs, partnerships)

  • International business support program (HORIZONT 2020, IRA-SME, M-ERA, Eurotransbio, MANUNET, TEKES, ACC10, ERA.NET RUS, ERA-IB, BPI-France, BMBF, useful contacts and links to sources of information, etc.).
  • Registration in the system of H2020, obtaining PIC program participant code and the status of the official representative - LEAR
  • The main instrument  for Russian companies entering foreign markets - technological or business profile of the company, rules of writing a good profile, typical errors, hints and tips for creating a profile
  • EU partnership opportunities, the rules of interaction with foreign companies, finding the right partners and working with expressions of interest
  • Business etiquette and intercultural communication

For more information and registration for the seminar, please call (4852) 59-58-35 or e-mail,